onKey Entertainment, Inc. was founded by Christopher Ray Roberts, aka, C-Ray. This Indianapolis, IN native has been gifted with the ear to produce and write almost any genre of music.

At the age of 3, he would sit in his father’s lap and watch him play both the organ and piano. One day, C-Ray snuck out of his room and climbed to the piano bench, and attempted to play his favorite song that his Dad would always perform for him. In a matter of minutes, he was able to figure out the song without any sheet music. His ear from that point on, started quickly developing.

At the age of 13, C-Ray faced a lot of adversity during the divorce of his parents. He has always put family first, and this really hit him hard. Feeling lost and confused at times, he felt he never could really express to anyone the emotions he was going through. Loving to sing, he would start writing songs with no music, but, would memorize over and over the melodies and key that the song was in. He would perform them for his friends, which, started giving him a lot of attention as a vocalist. However, not having any music to accompany his lyrics, his creativity would be at a stand-still, so, he turned to the piano.

When C-Ray turned 15, he was called upon to join a group in Kokomo, IN. The group was led by the incredibly talented music producer and songwriter, Preston Brust, (Now of the popular Country Band, LoCash). Unfortunately, the group quickly dissolved, but, the desire to be in the studio for C-Ray grew stronger than anyone could have ever imagined. He found his passion.

From that point on, C-Ray fought for his dream. He learned from many producers, songwriters, sound engineers, recording artists, etc. on what it would take to be successful in the music business. He would hear a hundred “No’s” before he would hear one maybe; He would hear a hundred “Maybe’s” before he would hear one “Yes”; And even after hearing one “Yes”, he would start hearing more “Yes’s” until the first one was finally executed. Failing and falling on your face was something that C-Ray went through in his career, however, he learned from each and every one of them. He never gave up.

C-Ray went from sleeping on studio floors in New York City, to signing his first major publishing deal with EMI UK Music (Sony/ATV)/Stellar Songs/H2o Under WaterMusic Publishing in 2012. From that point on, he has been effortlessly working on both growing and continuing his success in the music industry.

C-Ray has worked extensively with ASCAP Writer of the Year Winner and 3 time Grammy nominee Phillip “Taj” Jackson, Autumn Rowe, K-Mack of the Grammy Winning Production Duo “Soul Diggaz“, Marc “M-Doc” Williams of Indasoul Entertainment, Julien Believe, Charisse Mills, Butta & Bizkit (Formally the PhatBoiz & John Legend’s first signed production team), Torion, TaTu, Jamie Jones (Lead singer for “All 4 One” and producer/songwriter for The Heavyweights) and Jack Kugell (The Heavyweights), Leonelle, Toxic, Adina Howard, Poli Paul…..the list goes on and on.

In 2016, C-Ray and artist Julien Believe won a ‘Bahamian Icon Award’ for Song of the Year.

Music is more than just a career for C-Ray, it’s his “Everyday Life Source”.  He lives through music and will continue to grow as a large force in the music industry.