Where can I find OnKey on social media?

A. You can follow us on Instagram @craymusic @onkeyent and on Facebook by clicking HERE.

I would like to hire OnKey to produce on my project. What are the steps in making this a possibility?

A. We love being inquired on new creative work and are always humbled when approached. Currently, we prioritize talent introduced to us through an A&R or a Talent Scout. If we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you through one of our acquaintances, you can contact us with your information and we will respond at our earliest convenience. As much as we would enjoy working with every artist who reaches out to us, we are very selective on the talent we are being requested to produce and/or develop.

If OnKey does not accept demo’s, how do you find and/or work with new talent?

A. Outside from being hired to work on Label artist projects, we travel with our partner company, Indasoul Entertainment, around the world getting a first-hand look at talent chosen through a series of auditions from acclaimed talent scouting companies.

Does OnKey accept Demo’s?

A. Unfortunately, we are not accepting any demo’s at this time. Don’t let this discourage you. Keep grinding and we are sure one day OnKey will be producing on your project!

What is Artist Development?

A. Artist Development is a process that recording artists go through to help find their sound, image, and anything else artist affiliated.

Is OnKey Entertainment a record label?

A. No. We are a music production company that works with signed and/or unsigned artists on a non-exclusive basis.

If you have any other questions that weren’t answered here, please feel free to CONTACT US.